WGU & Labyrinth

So I have writer's block. The good news is that I've started online courses at WGU for cyber security! The setup with WGU is superior to DeVry in that the courses actually help me move toward my goal of becoming a cybersecurity professional! This past Wednesday we went to the theater to see Labyrinth! I … Continue reading WGU & Labyrinth

It’s Alright To Be Itty-Bitty

I talk about my depression a lot on social media, mostly because I'm trying to de-stigmatize mental health problems. I'm currently on several prescription drugs that are working very, very well for me, and the fact that my partner is amazing helps immensely. Sometimes, however, you have a breakthrough regardless of the drugs, and that … Continue reading It’s Alright To Be Itty-Bitty

About time!

Sometimes I wonder how life has unfolded as it has. Currently, I'm in an amazing relationship with a wonderful man; I am loving my job; and my meds have been fantastic in keeping my depression and anxiety to an exceptionally dull roar. It seems, however, that the only time I write these blogs is late … Continue reading About time!

A moment

Do you ever have a clear moment that reminds you somehow of your childhood? Something that makes your brain pop something out from the dusty memories? I'd like to offer you a moment to go back in time. What brings up a childhood memory for you?