I'm a potato

About time!

Sometimes I wonder how life has unfolded as it has. Currently, I'm in an amazing relationship with a wonderful man; I am loving my job; and my meds have been fantastic in keeping my depression and anxiety to an exceptionally dull roar. It seems, however, that the only time I write these blogs is late … Continue reading About time!

A moment

Do you ever have a clear moment that reminds you somehow of your childhood? Something that makes your brain pop something out from the dusty memories? I'd like to offer you a moment to go back in time. What brings up a childhood memory for you?

September, we talked about this.

Thanks to Hurricane Irma, we have returned to Chicago until she takes her leave.  You don't realize how thin-skinned you have become until you're away from the chill a while.  We got here around 12:30AM Saturday, unfolded ourselves from the car, and immediately got the shivers.  Right around 60° and us without long pants or … Continue reading September, we talked about this.