When One Door Closes…

…all sorts of opportunities open up!

Today, thanks to my depression, I lost my job. However, this leaves me some open time to continue learning to code. I have applied to several places for jobs, be they part time or full time (enough to pay bills is what I’m worried about), and am now in the hurry up and wait game. So I’ll be over at codeacademy.com while I wait.

I will also be utilizing the new air fryer, which is amazing! I could not be happier with a kitchen appliance! Everything we’ve done so far has come out wonderfully – delicious, fully cooked, and without extra grease!

Overall, I am exceptionally fortunate to have such amazing support at home and from miles away. My fiancé, family, and friends have been so kind during my bouts of breakthrough depressive episodes, and I could not ask for better people in my life.

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