About time!

Sometimes I wonder how life has unfolded as it has. Currently, I’m in an amazing relationship with a wonderful man; I am loving my job; and my meds have been fantastic in keeping my depression and anxiety to an exceptionally dull roar.

It seems, however, that the only time I write these blogs is late at night after I have had a ton of time to think. Few and far between, yes, but never without some meaning.

While I do love my job, I have still been teaching myself to code. I’m far from adequate, but that’s the learning process! It’s been a rough time, what with the planetary plague of Covid-19, trying to get up the gumption to do better, and monetary slumps, but I think life has brought me a long way.

To everyone in their early 20’s who suffer depression and anxiety – it can get better. You have to look for how it does, but it gets better.

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