The dreaded first post

There are  always so many ideas flitting around in my head when starting a blog, but by the time the blog is set up to my liking and I create a new post, all the ideas have magically vanished!  I have just spent the last two and a half hours trying to decide what this first post should be about, and here I am – ready to conquer the digital world with the written (typed?) word and the desire to write whatever I like.

Even so, the first post can be overwhelming.  No matter how many tips, tricks, and how-to’s I read through, nothing can ever prepare me for this.  That thought always leads me to believe that I will never become a writer, freelance or otherwise.  All of the stories I started have not developed much further than a few pages, falling into the dismal abyss known as the recycle bin located on my desktop.

The past few days I took up research into the career of writing, online or in print.  Just as before, the want to publish my ideas and stories reared its head.  I have read numerous posts informing me that it could take time and money to happen, or not at all.  Between that thought and knowing I go back to work on Monday, the doubt started again.  I knew that if I didn’t start now, it was not going to happen at all.  You can’t get anywhere if you never begin.

I need to challenge myself to write here every day.  At first the posts may be short, but that’s just another challenge to fight through!

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